Douglas Basler - Owner, United Generations

As the owner of United Conveyor Corporation, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. For nearly a century, my family has made it our mission to provide innovative and progressive solutions to address the changing and most challenging needs of our Customers.  Starting with my grandfather, who was an inventor by his own right and engineered countless patented solutions focusing on meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations.  And then under my father’s leadership, who in many respects, professionalized the business by establishing modern-day processes and incorporating the latest technology to develop a global presence.  Expanding into international markets solidified our reputation as a Global Leader in material handling and environmental technologies, ultimately creating UCC’s legacy, and one that I am honored to carry on.

Our success has been built over a century of providing products, systems, services, and support that consistently solve environmental and material handling challenges. We recognize it is the trust our Customers have placed in us which has allowed this success, and to that we are grateful.  We realize that trust is built over time and can be lost in an instant.  That is why we work feverishly to continue to earn your trust, in every aspect of a project or life of a system.

As our industry continues to shift, higher levels of responsibility are placed on us through increased project scope, and subsequently, our Customers have higher expectations of us as well.  Therefore, we will remain agile and continue to honor our commitments, deliver on performance and solve the complex challenges our Customers face.

We eagerly look forward to meeting these challenges and exceeding the expectations our Customers set for us today, just as we have for the past century.

–  Doug Basler

Andrew Warrington - President, United Conveyor
Kevin McDonough, Vice President - Sales and Marketing
Robert Koleno, Vice President - Project Mgmt & Contract Engineering
Beth Smith, Vice President - HR
Brandon Lipska, Vice President - Supply Chain

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