Ceramic-Lined Fly Ash Diffusers


The United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) Ceramic-Lined Fly Ash Diffuser Feeder (FAD) is designed to provide extended service life in high capacity / high wear pneumatic conveying applications. This single-piece, ceramic-lined feeder offers superior performance, lower life-cycle cost, and reduced maintenance in severe duty applications compared with DURITE® or ceramic-tiled constructions.

Features & Benefits


  • Body Material: Gray Iron
  • Lining Material: Single-Piece, Silicon Carbide Ceramic
  • Valve Opening: 90°, Full Quarter Turn


  • Longer Service Life
    • Single piece, mechanically secured, silicon carbide ceramic liner eliminates grout/adhesive failures
    • 90° valve opening reduces wear damage
    • DURITE or optional tungsten carbide disc and seat provide superior wear resistance
    • Greased sleeve bearing for greater load capacity and improved shaft support
    • Cylinder bracket redesigned for more reliable support
  • Superior Sealing Performance
    • Spring loaded packing design maintains consistent seal pressure during operation, preventing leakage and extending service life
    • Larger actuator provides greater force to seal and open against pressure
    • Redesigned seals and bearings provide a simplified seal over roller bearing design
  • Simple and Fast Installation
    • Drop-in replacement with standard UCC FAD for easy performance upgrade
  • Reduced Maintenance
    • Enlarged cover and opening for easy access to seat and disc

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