TITAN LP Swing Disc Valve


The United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) TITAN™ LP Swing Disc Valve is designed for low headroom, fly ash feed service in dilute-phase, positive pressure systems. Utilizing proven UCC swing-disc technology, this valve is a superior replacement to slide gates found in non-UCC systems. The TITAN LP Swing Disc Valve provides improved sealing performance, extended service life, greater reliability and ease of maintenance over slide gate valves. The valve is fully assembled and can be shipped pre-piped to reduce field assembly and installation on costs.

Features & Benefits


  • Inlet Size and Type: 8” 150 lb. ANSI drilling pattern
  • Outlet Size and Type: Custom configuration to match non-UCC slide gate valves
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 15 psig
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 750°F
  • Seat Force: 525 lbs-f (competitive valves: 262 lbs-f)
  • Actuator Operating Pressure: 80 – 100 psig


  • Superior Performance
    • Provides twice the valve closing force compared to slide gate designs
    • Self-adjusting, spring-mounted ball pivot with machined flat disc provides reliable sealing performance
    • Spring-loaded design maintains uniform pressure on the packing during opera on, preventing leakage and extending the life of the shaft and packing
    • Sharp edged seat cuts through material for proper sealing
  • Longer Service Life
    • DURITE® H (high-chrome) seat and disc provides superior wear resistance
    • Single through-bolt disc with ball pivot assures proper alignment and sealing
  • Simple and Easy Maintenance
    • Access plate allows adjustments and maintenance to be performed in place
    • Greased sleeve bearings are easily replaceable
  • Optional Components
    • Actuator guard for personnel protection
    • Roller lever limit switches with pre-drilled brackets for easy installation. Proximity switches available upon request
    • Solenoid valve options: Pre-piped solenoid using brass fittings and rubber hoses

Case Study:

Plant Challenge:

A Midwestern power plant had deck plate valves wearing excessively which interfered with the proper seating of the valves in their bottom ash vacuum system.  This forced the customer to devise an alternative solution which vacuum trucks were used to manually remove ash from the hoppers.  This was labor intensive and expensive.

UCC Solution:

The customer approached UCC for a solution that would reduce labor and increase system performance. UCC installed (48) TITAN LP Valves as a replacement for the failing deck plate valves.


After one year in operation, the UCC TITAN LP Valves were excellent condition. Due to their superior wear properties, the Customer replaced all 192 (96 pressurizing and 96 equaling) non-UCC deck plate valves with the UCC TITAN LP Valves.

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