150W Knife Gate Valve


The United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) 150W Knife Gate Valve is designed specifically for on/off pipeline isolation service in hydraulic conveying applications, such as bottom ash, dewatering, pyrites and water supply systems. With over 4,000 installed units worldwide, the 150W knife gate valve has delivered exceptional sealing performance with its rugged and easy to maintain design.

The UCC design incorporates a replaceable abrasion-resistant polyurethane wear liner that provides improved sealing performance, greater reliability and extended service life. The 150W knife gate valve is shipped fully assembled to reduce installation cost.

Features & Benefits


  • Superior Sealing Performance
    • Spring-loaded packing design maintains seal pressure during operation, preventing leakage and extending the life of the blade and packing
    • Multi-layered lubricated graphite impregnated yarn reduces friction on the blade providing a pressure-tight seal and easy operation
    • Precision ground blade and molded polyurethane liner reduces friction forces and improves sealing
  • Longer Service Life
    • Replaceable seat and wear liner allows the valve to be rebuilt
    • Stainless steel blade provides excellent corrosion resistance
  • Optional Components
    • Blade material options: 304 or 316 stainless steel
    • Fastener (trim) material options: zinc plated carbon steel or stainless steel
    • Wear liner material options: DURITE® H or tungsten carbide
    • Actuator options: air cylinder, handwheel, chainwheel, or electric motor
    • Roller lever type and proximity limit switches are available with pre-drilled brackets for easy installation
    • Pre-piping option: brass fittings and rubber hose, optional Swageloc stainless steel fittings and hose

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