Swing Disc – In Line


UCC Inline Swing Disc Valves were designed for uni-directional on/off service in pneumatic conveying applications of dry ash. The design is rugged, easy to maintain and clean operating. This valve has replaceable abrasion resistant discs and seats that protect the valve body. The valve’s entrance incorporates a taper to concentrate the flow away from the valve body. Both of these features extends the service life and reduces the operating costs. The access cover allows the valve to be adjusted and maintained without removing it from the conveying line. UCC Inline Swing Disc Valves can be shipped pre-piped and fully assembled with an air cylinder and a variety of limit switches and solenoid valves which reduces field assembly and installation costs.

Features & Benefits


  • Two piece body – Rugged and high strength design
  • Access Cover – Allows adjustments and maintenance to be performed in place.
  • Spring loaded packing design – Maintains loading during operation and prevents leakage
  • Swing disc design – Spring loaded disc pivots out of the flow path which increase component wear life
  • Heated seat option – Prevents build-up of sticky ash which improves performance and reduces maintenance
  • Valves are shipped pre-piped and fully assembled – reduced installation costs
  • Valves are rebuildable – extended service life of the valve
  • Limit Switches – Roller lever type and proximity are available with mounting brackets
  • Solenoids – Normally closed or open, voltage, manual operators, temperature rating and manufacturer
  • Pre-piping – Brass fittings with rubber hose, Swagelok stainless steel fittings and Swagelok stainless steel hoses, Swagelok stainless steel fittings and Swagelok rubber hoses

Material of Construction:

Body: Cast Gray Iron
Access Port: Cast Gray Iron
Disc: Abrasion resistant cast iron
Seat: Abrasion resistant cast iron
Packing: TFE Impregnated Yarn
Shaft: Carbon Steel
Levers: Cast Ductile Iron
Actuator Bracket:Fabricated Carbon Steel

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