Ceramic Fittings

United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) Single-Piece Ceramic Fittings are designed for extended service life in high wear pneumatic fly ash, bottom ash, bed ash and mill reject conveying applications. In most applications, UCC DURITE® fittings provide excellent wear resistance. However, ceramic-lined fittings offer superior wear performance in severe duty applications. The UCC single-piece ceramic design eliminates potential erosion and failure points caused by manual assembly of tiled ceramic fittings, thereby reducing maintenance and lower lifecycle cost.


  • Material: Natural Gum Rubber
  • Reinforcement Material: Nylon
  • Pipe Ends: 150# ANSI Flange Bolt Circle
  • Pressure Rating: Full Vacuum to 50 psig
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 180 °F
  • Centerline Radius Sweep: 30 inches
  • Wall Thickness: 1 inch
  • 45°and 90° Elbows


  • Superior resistance to ash buildup versus carbon steel or cast iron elbows in dry scrubber applications
  • Long radius sweep reduces pressure drop, turbulence and material buildup resulting in increased capacity
  • Low material thermal coefficient reduces condensation and ash buildup
  • Elastic material flexes during normal conveying cycles to loosen any surface buildup


United Conveyor Corporation’s NUMAFLEX™ Fittings reduce material build-up and blockage in the pneumatic conveying of dry scrubber ash. Due to its high calcium content, dry scrubber ash will build up and harden in the presence of moisture. Thermal and elastic properties of NUMAFLEX material reduce condensation while flexing during normal conveying cycles to loosen surface buildup. Suitable for high pressure applications, UCC’s NUMAFLEX Fittings outperform carbon steel and cast iron elbows in dry scrubber applications


  • Lining Material: Single-Piece, Silicon Carbide Ceramic
  • Body Material: Carbon Steel
  • Centerline Radius: 30″
  • Wall Thickness: ¾”
  • Pipe Ends: 150# ANSI Flange Bolt Circle
  • 45° and 90° Elbows
  • Standard UCC Parts Warranty


  • Superior Performance
    • Ceramic liner offers superior wear resistance over DURITE fittings in severe applications
    • Single-piece ceramic liner eliminates potential erosion and wear points between fitted tiles
  • Simple and Fast Installation
    • Drop-in replacement with industry standard 150# ANSI inlet and outlet flanges
    • Welded web reinforcement with added lifting points for easy lifting and handling
  • Innovative Design Extends Service Life

Strict assembly tolerances provide smooth, flat flange surfaces for superior gasket sealing.

Carbide epoxy finish protects the adhesive between ceramic liner and metal casing for extended service life.

DURA-CORE­™Ceramic-Tiled Fittings

UCC DURA-CORE™ II Ceramic-Tiled Fittings are designed to provide maximum service life in high impact, pneumatic conveying applications. High temperature tolerances and excellent wear characteristics minimize destructive abrasion and increase uptime in the conveying of coarse ash. UCC’s DURA-CORE II Ceramic-Tiled Fittings are lined with a superior wear resistant material that can last 2-3 times the life of hardened cast iron fittings at minimum. An optional reinforcement rib with lifting holes allows for easy handling and installation.


  • Lining Material: 1″ Thick, 90% Alumina Ceramic Tiles
  • Elbow Lining Material: 2″ Thick, 90% Alumina Ceramic Tiles
  • Casing Material: Carbon Steel
  • Maximum Process Material Temperature: 600 °F
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 psig


  • Superior Performance
    • Ceramic liner offers superior wear resistance over DURITE fittings in severe applications

SPARTAN ™ Fittings

UCC SPARTAN™ Fittings have been designed as a superior replacement to competitive integral wear-back fittings for hydraulic and pneumatic ash handling systems. SPARTAN Fittings are made from abrasion resistant white cast iron material for longer life and improved performance.

A lug is integrated into the casting on each end of a SPARTAN Fitting to allow it to be securely fastened to plain end pipe. This lug is used in conjunction with a unique locking flange clamp that eliminates the use of pipe supports around the fitting.


  • Longer Life
    • DURITE H and DURITE C material for greater wear resistance
    • Thicker wear-back section designed for extended wear life
  • Simple and Easy Installation
    • Drop-in replacement without piping modifications
  • Eliminate Pipe Supports
    • UCC Locking Flange Clamp and lug configuration provides for a superior secure connection without pipe supports
  • Fast Delivery
    • In stock and available for immediate delivery

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