Filter Separators


United Conveyor Corporation filter/separators remove coarse ash from conveying air ash handling systems This takes place in the separator section and then filters out the fine ash remaining. The separation efficiencies will prevent damage to the mechanical vacuum producers. UCC’s versatile filter/separator will handle fly ash, bottom ash and economizer ash. UCC system components and ash handling parts are specifically designed to last longer and outperform in high temperature, abrasive environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated filtration and separation into single vessel lowering equipment costs
  • Fewer access structures, controls and less piping is needed
  • Single vessel occupies little space allowing it to fit on small or congested silo roofs
  • Intermittent or continuous operation
  • Top bag-removal options are available
  • A “swing head” design allows the top of the filter/separator to be raised and rotated aside.
  • A “walk-in plenum” design provides maintenance during any kind of weather
  • Pulse on demand system ensures bags are not over cleaned and compressed air is not wasted.
  • High location of nozzles in the plenum allow for filtering in entire bag area, eliminating the need for venture
  • Efficient Dump on Demand method of operation allows transfer hopper to be dumped when high level probe is activated by ash level, reducing cycling and increasing wear life
  • Wear-resistant ash inlet has abrasion-resistant pipe with dead area beyond its outlet where material can accumulate
  • Tube sheet 10” Hg pressure differential rating allows it to withstand upset conditions
  • Bag cages made entirely of stainless steel, providing corrosion resistance to boiler flue gas.
  • Bottom bag removal model for limited headroom
  • Optional transfer hopper for continuous conveying during ash discharge into silo

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