Dewatering Bins


Dewatering Bins allow storage of bottom ash for up to several days before unloading. Water drains from the bins through stainless steel dewatering screens. When dewatering is complete ash is discharged into trucks, rail cars, or barges for final disposal.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom designed & sized to meet customer storage & discharge requirements
  • Highly efficient operation – bin design, with inlet baffle and strategically located dewatering screens, minimizes ash carryover
    • Full diameter overflow weir with baffle ring minimizes ash carryover
    • Removable/replaceable target plate and inlet baffle controls reduce turbulence
    • Center & lower dewatering elements enhance the dewatering process and minimize carryover of fines
    • Back flush nozzles keep lower screens clear of fines
    • Hydraulic cylinder-operated discharge gates assure simple, dependable unloading operation; a specially engineered, low-leak gate is available as an option.
  • Reduced replacement costs –
    • Stainless steel dewatering screens resist corrosion
    • Heavy plate steel construction allows for corrosion and extends service life
  • Lower erection costs – plate steel portions of the bins are pre-assembled, match marked and shipped knocked down in easy to handle sections
  • Reduced danger of failure in cold climates – optional bin heaters provide freeze protection

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