Mill Reject Hoppers


Rejected material from the coal pulverizing mill is discharged to the mill storage hopper. A relatively small unit, it is not intended for long periods of collection due to space limitations at the pulverizer. A seal on the hopper permits the unit to operate at the pressure of the pulverizer. After material is collected in the hopper, it is removed with a JETPULSION® pump and conveyed in a pipeline to either a storage/transfer tank, or to tie into the bottom ash system.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces installation and operating cost by providing intermittent operation
  • Separate system permits mill rejects to be conveyed without interfering with bottom ash hopper operation
  • Mill discharge gate isolates hopper during conveying mode and for safe maintenance
  • Access door allows quick removal of oversize material without downtime
  • Sizing grid traps material too large for pump to prevent plugging and minimize maintenance cost
  • Constructed to NFPA guidelines
  • Specialized water seal permits hopper to operate at the same pressure as the pulverizer

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