Program Management


UCC understands the vital importance of providing sound, technical guidance and expertise for every project.  It is a critical approach to ensuring optimal system performance and maximized outcomes for our customers.  As regulatory pressures and changing market demands increase, our customers require cost-effective, reliable and efficient execution strategies to meet these needs.

With a comprehensive understanding of the program, our experienced Program Managers implement a focused solution to ensure strategic alignment between the project and the customer’s business objectives.


Program management offers customers a strategic view to the project planning  process and a focused approach to ensure deliverables from across the program are met.  Other benefits include:

  • Integrated implementation approach
  • Identify and control interdependencies
  • Minimize Risk
  • On-time execution
  • Resource allocation and management
  • Certified project management staff

“Quality is only as good as the service a company provides, and I get excellent service from UCC.”
– Maintenance Supervisor, Northern Utility

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