Program Management

Program Management Services United Conveyor Corporation


Program Management (PM) translates a strategic vision into efficient execution strategies by holistically managing the links between similar projects and optimizing results. Our PM services are designed to provide best-in-class practices, procedures, standards and deliver safely on our commitments while maintaining the budget, schedule, and quality performance.

UCC Environmental partners with utility customers to outline the program scope specific to their needs. A cross-organization team, including UCC Environmental, the utility customer, and strategic business partners, is identified, and a division of responsibility and scope split is assigned. Our focus is to provide innovative solutions and value engineering while eliminating non-value-added costs.

Our experienced PM team acts as a single point of contact to ensure technical guidance, proactive collaboration, accountability, and expertise in every phase of the project. We implement best practices and lessons learned from experience and streamline the complex processes of planning, implementation, integration, project management, and commissioning of concurrent projects to deliver successful program execution. This approach is critical to securing optimal program performance and maximized outcomes for our customers.

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• Program Strategy

• Permitting

• Technical Consulting and Support

• Navigating Environmental Compliance

• Site Surveys and Laser Scans

• Outage Tie-In Plans

• Project Management and Implementation

• Geotechnical Study

• Foundation and Civil Engineering Design

• Architectural and Structural Engineering Design

• Electrical Load Study

• DCS Interface Requirements

• Electrical Engineering Design

Power Supply and Distribution

DCS Integration

• Instrumentation and Controls

• Mechanical Engineering Design, including:

Water Supply

HVAC Engineering Design

Compressed Air

• Installation Support

• Commissioning and Start-up Support

• Project Controls

• Construction Management

• Quality Assurance

• Operations and Maintenance

• O&M Budgeting

Areas of Application

• Utility Plants

• Steam Plants

• Heavy Industrial Facilities

“Quality is only as good as the service a company provides, and I get excellent service from UCC.”
– Maintenance Supervisor, Northern Utility