Oil Ash


United Conveyor Corporation designs and supplies pneumatic conveyor systems that reliably transport oil ash from the collection hoppers to the storage silo.

Oil burning boilers produce a light weight, high carbon soot which precipitates to the pneumatic fly ash collection hoppers.  This oil ash is free-flowing when hot but sticky when cool.

Heat tracing and insulating the collection hoppers and conveyor piping keeps the ash hot.  A continuously operating pneumatic conveyor using heated conveyor air keeps the ash moving and prevents build-up.  The storage bin must also be heat traced and insulated.

The crucial element in conveying oil ash is to maintain the ash temperature so it remains free-flowing and to continuously move the ash from the hoppers to the storage bin.

Oil Ash Performance Specs

DEPAC Oil Ash Pressure System:

  • The higher material to air ratio helps to maintain temperature and particle flow
  • Continuous, automatic operation (fill, pressurize, discharge, convey) to prevent ash buildup
  • Low energy consumption
  • Proven performance and reliability with over 100 tallations worldwide.
  • DEPAC Oil Ash systems are designed to run continuously 24/7
  • Small diameter conveying pipe allows easy pipe routing for design flexibility
  • Controlled low velocity conveying minimizing abrasion on tanks, valves and piping

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