Dry Sorbent Injection


Since 2004, United Conveyor Corporation has led the way in dry sorbent injection technology which injects selected sorbents into the flue gas to control SO2, SO3, mercury and HCI. UCC is recognized as the technology leader who delivers optimal system performance and confidence to our customers as we work closely with them to deliver a reliable solutions specific to their plant needs.

UCC Advantage

Our experience, cutting edge technology, and customer service and support set us apart from other suppliers. UCC offers single-point accountability from sophisticated predictive modeling design to lab testing and evaluation of sorbent type, injection rate and the effects to existing ash handling systems.

Through our extensive experience with simultaneous SO2, SO3, HCl and Hg removal, we offer comprehensive compliance strategies and low cost solutions for efficient system performance.

  • Performance-based turnkey solutions
  • Over 25,000 hours of DSI demonstration testing
  • VIPER® Mill Technology delivers the highest removal efficiency and greatest cost savings
  • Patented COBRA™ Lance maximizes particle dispersion in DSI and ACI systems

Performance Specs


  • Our commitment to innovation delivers cost-effective results in dry sorbent injection and robust systems that achieve removal goals with minimal use of sorbent.
  • Splitters – UCC splitters are designed to optimize even sorbent distribution and high removal efficiency while minimizing the risk of plugging
  • COBRA® Lance – UCC lances are engineered to maximize particle dispersion and eliminate plugging with no impact on pressure drop in DSI and ACI systems
  • CFD Modeling – UCC specializes in Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling of plant duct flows to predict and enhance sorbent distribution in flue gas while minimizing sorbent usage​


Proven Milling Technology

The VIPER® Mill is proven, reliable technology developed specifically for dry sorbent injection. The UCC patented VIPER Mill operates in-line with the DSI system and delivers the smallest particle size, highest throughput and greatest cost savings in the industry. The result is 30 – 50% lower sorbent usage compared with as-delivered material.

  • Designed for trona and sodium biacarbonate
  • Capacity: 0.5 – 7 tons per hour
  • Median particle size: 9 – 15 µm (trona), 15 – 19 µm (SBC)
  • Reduced sorbent usage saves millions of dollars​

Skid Mounted Installation with Automated Cleaning

The VIPER Mill is equipped with an automated cleaning system to eliminate sorbent build-up. The cleaning cycle ensures consistency in particle size while balancing horsepower, temperature rise and sorbent throughput. The VIPER Mill uses either a simple bypass system or redundant skid for uninterrupted DSI operation.

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