Wastewater Treatment


UCC understands that wastewater management is unique to each site.  Specific operational conditions, fuel sources, and upstream processes influence the contaminants found in wastewater.  Our comprehensive understanding of the various processes within a plant and their associated downstream effects allow us to design custom engineered water and wastewater treatment solutions that ensure customers meet compliance and optimize operating costs.

ELG and CCR Compliance

New regulatory challenges are coming to the power utility sector.  UCC will provide a complete assessment of your site-specific system conditions and processes to determine the most innovative and cost-effective solution possible.  Because of our decades of unparalleled service to the power industry, this single point accountability provides a project execution efficiency that translates into true project cost savings.

UCC Advantage

  • Approaching 100 years of hydraulic experience
  • State-of-the-art, in-house R&D lab with bench testing and scale model capabilities
  • Utility power solutions for utility power customers
  • Proven project execution and system integration experience
  • Operations & Maintenance Capabilities

“UCC is very easy to work with.  They get us what we want when we need it.”
– Power Generation Supervisor, Western Utility

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